Questions asked during the minority evaluation

Arrival in Marseille and minority evaluation

After Italia, i took the train for France.
When I arrived, I was with a group of women, because I couldn’t be on my own. One of them was pregnant, but they left for Paris and I went down to Marseille.
I slept at the station after asking people for help. I was shown where to apply and a young man took me to ADDAP13.
When I got there, they asked me if I’d slept at the station, if I’d been hurt, and so on. I explained that I’d come from Italy and had no place to sleep.
They put me up in a hotel in the 6th arrondissement, and I spent a week there, then they sent me to a hotel in the Old Port. Once there, I was taken for my assessment:

“Do you have any siblings?”
“Are your parents around?”
“What were you doing in Ivory coast?”
“How did you get throught it?”
“Did it go well?”
“Why did you leave the Ivory coast for France?”
That’s what I was asked, I explained that it was because I wasn’t well, I was often sick. It was my aunt who sent me to Tunisia:

“Why did she send you to Tunisia?”

I told them I didn’t know, probably because I was often sick, my chest ached, my stomach hurt: “She’s the one who put me on the boat, but she hasn’t crossed yet”, that’s what I told them.

Thank God it worked. It went well, I was a bit scared but thank God it worked anyway.

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