The name “QX1” comes from the International Maritime Signals Code.

It corresponds to the positive response sent by a port when a ship wishes to moor there:

“You are authorized to moor in this port”.

QX1 Welcome Map is a project led, since its launch in 2016, by the Transbordeur collective. The QX1 platform is designed as a tool for collecting and exchanging information dedicated to migrants arriving in Marseille, either to settle there or simply to transit there. A tool for mutual assistance and access to information by highlighting the experiences of people of different backgrounds and profiles who have settled in our city in recent years.

The information presented on the QX1 platform comes from interviews and workshops that the Transbordeur Collective and its partners hold with migrants who want to tell their stories and share their experiences.

The QX1 platform consists of several media for distributing its content:

  • a multilingual website (qx1.org)
  • regular meetings in different parts of the city and with partner structures receiving the public
  • printed materials, such as flyers, directories and welcome maps, to convey information of primary use, in addition to virtual spaces. These documents are also available in the Resources section of this site.


Broadcasted by local radios, our jingles present the QX1 Welcome Map platform in French and Arabic (but not only!):

♪♪ Jingle QX1 Welcome Map – French Version

♪♪ Jingle QX1 Welcome Map – Arab Version

The purpose of the Transbordeur Collective is to develop creative projects aimed at improving material living conditions, intellectual and cultural development and emancipation. Transbordeur promotes the social link building and promotes the values of popular education.

Transbordeur brings together professionals from different backgrounds: urban planners, artists, social workers, participation experts, cartographers… who meet around the desire to question and restore meaning to their professional practices.

Its missions:

  • Collect and value oral histories
  • Produce innovative multidisciplinary projects (theatre, dance, videos, digital media, photos, writing…)
  • Propose training activities in the fields of art and social work.
  • Facilitate spaces for the analysis of professional practices.

Find out more about the Transborder Collective’s news on our blog

QX1 Welcome Map was supported by the European Cultural Foundation (Idea Camp 2015 and R&D Grant in 2016), the Abbé Pierre Foundation (2017 and 2018/19), the Fondation de France (2018/19), the Lush Foundation and the French Ministry of Health and Solidarities, as part of its Plan Lutte contre la Pauvreté (2021).

In 2022, the poject has received the support of the “Un Monde par Tous” Foundation.