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QX1 Welcome Map live, since 2016, thanks to the support of foundations and public institutions, of revenue from support event we organize, and above all thanks to the dedication of our volunteer and partner associations, who help and keep us uptaded and enrich our platform

Your donations,  will help us spread the informations and stories we gather, by printing booklets and large-format welcome map that we offer to associations in Marseilles. They will also enable us to pay for the translation work carried out by the migrants who take part in our workshops to record multilingual audio capsules.

On our Helloasso page, you can join our association at an open price

TAX REDUCTION : The donation and membership to QX1 entitles you to a tax reduction because it meets the general conditions set out in Articles 200 and 238 bis of the French General Tax Code. For example, a donation of 100  will only cost you 34 after the tax reduction.

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