Echoes of the minority interview

Station aid, minority test and what we hear about it

I arrived directly in Marseille, I took the train to Marseille where I arrived at the Gare St Charles, I didn’t know anyone.
I saw a woman, asked her for help, i told her that i had just arrived , she said she was going to send me somewhere.
She took me to Imaje Santé, i stayed there and they called the people from DIMEF (Child and Family Centres Department) who came to get me.

I went and stayed in a hotel and then they sent me to another hotel where I stayed for a few months and then they did my assessment and told me I was a minor.

I was a bit scared because people who’d already taken it had said that it’s scary, but it depends on whether you believe what you’re told or not, but in the end it went well. I was reassured.

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