Family Planning

Free and confidential listening services: come and talk, ask questions, and get information about relationships, emotions and sexual life for ex. contraception, sexuality, pregnancy, abortion, STIs, physical attractions, sexual practices, homosexuality, transidentity, couple difficulties, violence (rape, assault, harassment, lesbophobia, homophobia, transphobia …), etc. .

Open to women (cis* and trans*) and trans* men.
You are welcome regardless of your age, sexual orientation or practices, handicaps, your decision regarding pregnancy, your marital, serological and social situation.

Gynaecological consultation from Monday to Friday to get contraception, a screening smear, a gynaecological examination, breast cancer screening or samples if necessary. Before a first consultation, you must meet a counsellor at the reception and make an appointment for the doctor.

Women’s drop-in centre in very precarious situations

The ADJ and the Family Planning organise meetings for women in very precarious situations, with the aim of creating social links and breaking the isolation.

The idea is to free up discussion on health in general and more specifically on sexual health when the PF13 is present.

During these mornings, complete and balanced breakfasts will be offered by the ADJ. Hygiene products will also be offered from donations made by the Association Féminité sans abris as well as clothing.

Other useful contacts:

  • N°Vert Sexualités, IVG, Contraception: 0 800 08 11 11 (anonymous & free call, Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm)
  • Chat via the website