Soutien au 59 St. Just (at La Base)

Support, accompaniment and listening services for youth, MNAs and young adults.

Association continuing the struggles and fights that took place at the squat 59 Saint Just. It aims to

  • initiate and carry out activist actions to assert the rights of children, adolescents, adults and families in migration, who ask for it. The issue is not only about challenging the competent authorities, but moreover about establishing a political power balance, strong enough to claim and obtain these rights.
  • We work on making visible, reporting, alarming, publicizing and communicating on the situation of these people.
  • We provide support, accompaniment and listening, for teenagers, otherwise called ” MNA =, unaccompanied minors ” but also for young adults who express the need.
  • We want to bring “former Saint Just residents” and young people in contact with solidarity workers, referents, and lodgers in solidarity, help them come together and meet again around collective projects in the fields of schooling, health, housing, leisure, sports, culture, but also political action.