Taking French courses and “getting in contact” with people

Useful and important places in Marseille

Thankfully in Marseille, you feel there are a lots of places to get help.
The most important place in my personal experience is “Le Manba”(n.d.a. the source, in arab -Collective to support migrants people) : you could think of this place as the ‘mother and father’ of my experience in the city.
If a migrant goes to the Manba, most of his problems will be solved or at least he will find someone who will take his hand and try to find solutions.
In the street, someone talk to me about “Manba” and i found helpful and understanding peoples to help.

There is also the African center not far from Noailles neighbourhood. They give French courses, help with appointments and support migrants in their various procedures.

When you meet peoples, at the Cimade for example, especially elderly people who come to help, it gives you hope that you’ll be able to cope better with life’s difficulties.
Even if sometimes, you can feel frustrated or lost… when people around us do something and look for solutions for the vulnerable, it gives a boost to life.


Taking French courses and "getting in contact" with people

To learn french, i went to the courses given at La Friche de la Belle de Mai and at Manba, i also took French courses at La Cimade.

My advice for the new comers in Marseille is to go to all these places and all the associations they can find, because you can meet people who can guide you and explain things which can help you overcome the difficulties of the process. You also need to dare to talk to people through friends or friends of friends. Finally, all contact can help

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