PADA Users Association (AUP)

Association set up by asylum seekers with the aim of:

  • to defend and represent the interests of the users of the Platform for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (PADA) in Marseille.
  • Enforce the rights of asylum seekers to PADA (asylum stories, letters, social assistance, translation, etc.).
  • inform them and help them in their asylum application procedures

The association has legal and storytelling help desks in several associations in Marseille.

  • assistance in writing life stories,
  • social support and counselling,
  • preparation for the OFPRA and CNDA interviews

As well as social help desks, which aim to facilitate access to social rights for refugees and, more generally, for all newcomers, with or without papers:

  • Health coverage (AME, CMU-C),
  • domiciliation/change of address,
  • birth registration,
  • tax declaration,
  • CAF, Pole Emploi, CV…
  • DAHO/DALO/application for housing,
  • opening a bank account,
  • schooling…