COMEDE (Committee for the Health of Exiled Persons)


The Comede team supports exiled persons who do not yet benefit from health care. It intervenes in case of difficulties in accessing health care in a global way, both on medical and psychological aspects as well as socio-legal aspects:

  • pathways and coordination of medical care, prevention and health check-ups,
  • access to psychological care,
  • coordination of care pathways, evaluation and psychological follow-up,
  • procedures for obtaining health protection (health insurance, AME, urgent and vital care, etc.),
  • residence permit for medical reasons (residence permit, link between asylum and health,
  • protection against deportation for seriously ill persons),
  • and other social services related to the health status of foreigners.

Medical, psychological, social and legal consultations take place by appointment at 52 rue du Coq (13001 Marseille). People are seen by Comede’s multidisciplinary team (receptionists, general practitioners, psychologists, social workers/legal experts) with interpretation if necessary.


  • to promote access to care, prevention and rights for exiled persons;
  • to facilitate everything that can allow them to be more autonomous and better integrated
  • to contribute to the knowledge and reflection on their medical, psychological, social and legal situation, and to participate in any action that could improve it;
  • to produce information and bear witness to this situation, within the limits of professional secrecy, and to the conditions that explain it;
  • to manage any establishment or structure whose activity is related to the aims of the association
  • to collaborate with any other actor working within the framework of the same missions.