COMEDE (Committee for the Health of Exiled Persons)

Medical, psychological, social and legal consultations with a multi-disciplinary team (receptionists, GPs, psychologists, social workers/legal experts), with interpretation if necessary.

By appointment only:
tel: 07 83 49 95 14

About the association

The Comede team supports exiled persons who do not yet benefit from health care. It intervenes in case of difficulties in accessing health care in a global way, both on medical and psychological aspects as well as socio-legal aspects:

  • pathways and coordination of medical care, prevention and health check-ups,
  • access to psychological care,
  • coordination of care pathways, evaluation and psychological follow-up,
  • procedures for obtaining health protection (health insurance, AME, urgent and vital care, etc.),
  • residence permit for medical reasons (residence permit, link between asylum and health,
  • protection against deportation for seriously ill persons),
  • and other social services related to the health status of foreigners.

Discover also the COMEDE Guide, which gathers texts and references to support exiled people.