Objective: To promote health and development initiatives in African migrant communities.

Since it was founded in 2003, AFRISANTE has been helping to combat HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis, and to improve access to healthcare for disadvantaged groups.

medical and social support and assistance

and provision of documentary resources and prevention materials

Medical advice centres
A general practitioner is on duty to welcome you, listen to you and give you advice.

(rapid screening test for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C) and support for additional screening for viral hepatitis, STIs and tuberculosis.

for access to rights, healthcare, housing and employment

Thematic workshops
HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis (B and C), sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, winter diseases, etc.

Direct assistance in kind and support for integration (clothing, transport, literacy, CVs and opportunities): depending on donations and volunteer work.

Migrants from outside Africa can also call on Afrisanté.