Accueil de Jour Bouès (Day center)

The Day Centre (ADJ) is a place where homeless people can rest for a few hours. It provides an administrative address, where people can have a shower, drink a coffee and ask for help and guidance with various formalities.

ADJ services:

  • Listening, Support and Guidance (reception and social support)
  • Hygiene (showers, laundry)
  • Health: social infertility service
  • Conviviality (coffee, television, entertainment)
  • Telephone, photocopier
  • Cloakroom
  • “Women’s afternoon”: social time for women on Thursday afternoons
  • In and outside activities

The missions of the Accueil de Jour association are:

To offer a dignified space that meets the basic needs of life (to be sheltered and safe, to take a shower, to wash clothes, to be able to treat a minor injury, to be registered to receive mail, to apply for a National Identity Card).

Listening, and guiding (Helping people to find accommodation or a job, acting as a platform between people and administrative services through various drop-in centres)