Minor at the immigration detention centre of Canet

Radija and Esmat have just to joined us in Marseille. In Toulon, they were arrested. The police stopped the train they were travelling on and asked them how many country they had crossed and whether they had given their fingerprints anywhere else. They said yes, so they were forced to give their fingerprints, then placed them in a immigration detention centre.

We got the information from a man who was also locked up , a Nigerian who lent his phone to my brother. My brother was able write to us through this man’s Facebook to tell us that they were in a immigration detention centre in Marseille. I was happy to hear they were alive but i said :
” why are you in a immigration detention centre ?!?”
They were in Marseille at Bougainville (at the CRA of Canet, editor’s note). My brother who is a minor was placed in a immigration detention centre even though he said he was a minor…they didn’t pay any attention.

Florence went to the Asylum platform to say her sister and brother in law were in a detention centre and the platform got in touch with them. They were able to leave the center

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