How to address office staff

It’s true that at first, I didn’t understand all the ways of expressing myself and the codes here… with time, for example, I understood how to approach the Pôle Emploi (Job Center), which had initially impressed me with its brand new offices and its material resources. Well, it turns out that you still have to impose yourself, knock on their door, insist that they take care of you… just like back home!

At both the Pôle Emploi  and the Sécu (Social Security system), I’ve come across people who worked well and helped me: sometimes they do, and that makes the difference, in this kind of structure, with those who are just waiting for the end of the day… In every structure, you can be lucky enough to come across someone who works well and helps you: At the Pôle Emploi, I’ve never had any job offers, but I have had a few sessions working on my CV with a tutor who gave me some very good advice

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