Feeling when approaching minority test

Misunderstanding about the minority test

When i was told that i was going to take the minority test, i asked a friend,– i call him the American, i met him at the hotel, we often talk together – because I thought that once they’d taken me in, that was it, I thought I’d come in and they’d register me on the computer and that was that…

A women called to tell me that i had to take the test, i said : “What test?” I didn’t know it was a minority test, i thought it was to ask me how i got here.
We start talking, i panicked, too much. Nobody told me anything.

Finally, after i finish the test, i went back to the hotel, i explain to the American, that i was asked how i got there, etc… He told me that it was good, that it was a test to see if i was a minor.
But when i found out it was a test to check if i was a minor, it was complicated, everything got mixed up, i didn’t sleep well, i didn’t do anything anymore , even getting up at 7 am to eat was impossible, i had headache, all i could think about was my problems.
Because i didn’t know anything but after a week a lady came knocking on my door and told me that i had it : i said to her : ” i’ve had what?”, and she said : ” you’ve been recognize as a minor”
Aaaaaaaaaaah! Since that day i’ve been very happy, peace has returned, my head was soothed, i asked her where i was going to leave and she told me Marseille.

I don’t have anyone in France, or even in Europe ; the Bro  i came with, i don’t even know where he is, even the colleagues i don’t know where they are.

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