Registering with Pôle Emploi in order to have a legal status

Extract from Récit de Thomas • 35 years old • Man • German

I started with some odd jobs: distributing flyers in Aix, for example, for the CRIJPA (Centre régional information jeunesse Provence Alpes, Regional Youth Information Centre Provence-Alpes), on the Canebière. I signed on at Pôle Emploi (Job Centre) even though I was not eligible for any allowance. It was simply to formalize my situation by leaving a trace of my presence in France. It also enabled me to confirm to an administrative identity recognised by the French state; I was often reminded, “You can’t be here just like like, you must have a legal status!”.

Signing on did not give me access to more job offers, but I did manage to benefit from some training, in particular workshops to help me adapt my CV to the norms followed in France and to prepare my cover letters.


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