There are good things to take from football

Extract from Récit de Mahmoud • 25 years old • Man • Senegalese

Sport also helped me meet people. Football, going to Vallier sports ground; ther are matches every wednesday and thursday ay Korsec stadium in Belsunce. I’ve got to know lots of people through sport, the matches we play at Vallier or Belsunce. We get together with lots of Sudanese friends and youngsters from the local area; sometimes kids and older folk, and the goalkeeper, he’s very funny. There’s a great mix of different elements of French society playing football every thursday night. We play five-a-side and we really play. When it’s over we talk and that’s how I met Gilles who plays football and presents a programme on Radio Galère. He invited me onto his programme to talk about Senegalese rap…

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