Stopover in a Schengen country with a French visa

Extract from Récit de Sabrine • 35 years old • Woman • Egyptian

“Ten days before the mariage, the visa is ready: as I’m collecting it I see on the document that it is a “VISA France”, the Schengen area is not mentioned at all. And my flight is with Lufthansa with a stopover in Germany! Here we go again… I telephoned left and right, but mostly I sent emails. That’s what I learned: you always have to ask everything and get a record of the answers you receive. That’s what I should have done with the woman at the Prefecture in Marseille. When you ask for a written answer your interlocutor feels obliged to think of all possible scenarios, and she might have thought to specify that outside France I would become an illegal immigrant […]
The consul in Alexandria finally reassured me. He checked that the code on the visa authorized transit through an EU member’s territory. And indeed, the trip back went well.”


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