How to communicate with administrative staff

Extract from Récit de Tiziano • 25 years old • Man • Italian

It’s clear that at first I didn’tb know all the different ways to express myself and the codes used here… Over time, for example, I understood how I should deal with Pôle Emploi. At first, I was impressed by the new offices and their material ressources, but in the end it turns out that you still need to impose yourself on them. You have to knock on their door and insist that they take care of you… exactly like back home! At both Pôle Emploi and the Social Security Office I interacted with people who were competent at thier jobs and helped me. Sometimes, and this makes a difference in these kinds of organisations, there are people who just seem to be waiting for the day to end… You can be lucky and come across someone competent and helpful: I never found any job offers at Pôle Emploi, but I did attend a few sessions to work on my CV with atutor who gave me some very good advice.

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