Bank account and health insurance: a vicious circle

Extract from Récit de Laura • 30 years old • Woman • Venezuelian

Getting all the documents for social security was really complicated because it’s a difficult process to go through. You have to have an address in order to open a bank account and sometimes to open an account you need social security. And you can’t rent an apartment if you don’t have a bank account… […] Obtaining social security cover is the real key. Once you have that you can get all the rest. It’s the key, but to get social security you need a bank account. That is the difficult bit. The first thing you have to do, therefore, is open a bank account. […] As a migrant, documents are always complicated. […] You have to do things in the right order because if not you will end up frustrated when all the people that you see refuse your requests.

I always used to go to the same post office and every day they would tell me that it just wasn’t possible. Then I went to the post office on the Rue de Rome and there it was easier. A post office account is the easiest back account to open if you are a foreign national. It’s not complicated. You can manage it easily.

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