Expression Workshop with Creative Médiation (at “Transit” Library)

Art-therapy group of analytical inspiration, led by the psychological support team of the Al Manbacollective.


Help participants to overcome isolation and to experience gentle moments in a small group, allowing them to share their emotional experiences, to be listened to and to find meaning through drawing, painting, collage…

Language spoken: French / English

Free entry within the limit of 4 places available, after registration by phone: +33686142562


Trauma, which is a cause of deep psychological suffering, also impairs
social integration by altering relationship with oneself, with others, and with the world.
When speech is hindered by an unspeakable experience, the creative mediation workshop may create a distance between the traumatic event and one’s present being, through games that will allow symbolization.
The aim of this workshop is to welcome suffering people, and to have them work on their suffering, step by step and at their own rhythm.

In a trustful atmosphere that reduces isolation, the participants (4 maximum) will be encouraged to act without judgment and express their experiences in a free and gratifying way. Whether through modelling, photocollage, writing or painting, the aim is to reconnect with one’s own history and to set in motion a work of reconstruction, relationship building and acknowledgement.