ADJ Consolat Day Shelter


34 Boulevard Boues, 13003 Marseille, France




CORONAVIRUS INFO : (time change until further notice): day reception closed

[Schedules under normal circumstances : Mon – Fri: 8:30-12:30 and 13:30-16:00

(closed on Tuesday afternoon)]

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Day Shelter Consolat (ADJ) is a place of respite that allows homeless persons to land for a few hours. It can provide you an administrative address, showers and coffee, as well as help and guidance for your various administrative procedures.

The mission of ADJ is to
provide a space of dignity that meets the essential needs of life (e.g. to be safe and secure, to take a shower, to wash clothes, to care for a small wound, to be domiciled as to receive mail, for the application for a National Identity Card)

Listening, guidance (Supporting search for housing or employment, ensuring a one-stop service and hub between individuals and administration, through various permanencies )

Les extraits associés

Extract from Récit de Amadou Diallo • Man • Malien

When I arrived in Marseille, I went to the day-care centre Marceau, They accompanied me to the hospital of La Timone. Once we got there, I have been told that my medical treatment will take time, but...

Short audio extract produced by the group Planète sans visas (Cours de français)

Near the station, at Place Marceau, there is a day reception for people with or without papers. You can take a shower, be helped on files, be advised or cared for by a nurse, drink a hot drink and...

Extract from Récit d’Ibrahim • 25 years old • Man • Guinéen

I go to ADJ Marceau and they explain to me how to reach the addresses I am looking for. There is a very kind man there who helps me a lot. When I have problems and difficulties, I can go and see him....

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