El Manba – Collectif Soutien Migrants 13 réseau hospitalité – a network of local collectives of citizen hospitality observatoire asile marseille

w2eu – Welcome to Europe

Border guide FR-IT – A borchure of information about the Franco-Italian border

jumamap (Italy) – national level mapping of services for asylum seekers and international and humanitarian protection holders

Refugees Welcome Map – Universities and high schools supporting refugees worldwide

Berlin Welcome Map

Refugee Ocean (Bulgarie) – online platform designed to connect asylum seekers and refugees with the local community

Boîte à outils juridiques (Legal toolbox) – Method of data collection in foreigners’ rights procedures

De quel droit – Case law in foreigners’ law GISTI – Immigrant Information and Support Group

Service Public / étrangers – “Foreigners” page of the official website of the French administration

Etrangers / Préfecture des Bouches du Rhône – “Foreigners” page of the website of the Préfecture des Bouche du Rhône (Marseille)