Under Dublin Procedure, erroneously

Extract from Récit d’Adnan • 20 years old • Man • Somalien

I applied for asylum in Marseille. They gave me an appointment. The first time I went to the Prefecture, I don’t know. The Prefecture told me that you don’t apply for asylum there, they gave me a map to go to the Plateforme Asile. I went there and they told me to come back the next day because they only take 15 people. The next day I returned and I told them my story; they gave me an appointment at the Prefecture, 25 days later. I gave my fingerprints and they told me that I had to go to Italy. I spent a month and then 3 months after, 4 months in total under the Dublin procedure and then they put me under the normal procedure.

Adnan had given his fingerprints in Italy in 2013. There was no legal reason for him to be placed under the Dublin Procedure because it becomes the responsibility of the State if the fingerprints aren’t taken within 12 months. (note of the Observatoire Asile).

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