A marriage in Italy and a 12-month wait (and providing evidence)

Extract from Récit de Kenji • 30 years old • Man • Japanese

We decided to get married, we liked the idea in any case! But because my girlfriend is Italian, and in addition unemployed in France, after getting advice from the CIMADE, we decided to get married in Italy. Thankfully, in Italy, no one looked at my financial ressources nor did they ask for my residence permits. All I did was ask my family to send me some basic documents, like my birth certificate, etc., in order to prove my identiy and we were able to get married in December 2014. Back in France, I had to wait for 12 months to have passed since arriving in the country to press on with the formalities. A year during which I wasn’t a legal resident in France, but equaly a year during which I shouldn’t “hide” myself… Quite the opposite in fact as I had to appear on all the bills, leasing agreements, etc., so that I could later prove that I had lived permanently in France and that we had lived as a married couple. In June 2015, 6 months after my marriage and 12 months after arriving here, I was able to begin my residence permit application. It was just in time because in August my German visa was going to expire.


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