Finding accommodation without an employment contract

Extract from Récit de Tiziano • 25 years old • Man • Italian

When I arrived in Marseille I knew nothing about the city or about France (I was trying to reach an English-speaking country), but a friend I knew here put me up for the first month. After that I found rented accommodation for 3 months which I shared with my then girlfriend. I didn’t have a job, but I answered a small ad on Leboncoin and the landlord turned out to be a very good person who trusted us.

The fact that we were a couple, that we were already attending a language course reassured her, and she accepted guarantors from Italy. […] I got by doing small repairs in the flat I rented. In exchange, the owner reduced the rent. She also put me in touch with friends or acquaintences of hers that needed small repairs carried out in their homes.

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