The renewal of the student resident permit

Extract from Récit de Alì • 30 years old • Man • Moroccan

The student visa lasts one year. After one year, you can ask to renew your visa, You have to ask at the CROUS (Regional Centre for School and University Services). At the CROUS, there is a policeman to whom you must show :

– Your former resident permit
– The certificate of registration of the university
– Your marks of last year
– Photos

it’s important to know that the policeman stays at the CROUS only during two months, and if you miss this period, everything becomes more complicated.

This policeman takes your fingerprints and gives you a receipt which certifies that he has got your form. Then, each month (or every two months, it depends : we can say that the average is one month and a half), you will receive a new receipt. It’s only after having received three receipts that you will have your resident permit. So, during four months and a half, you don’t have a resident permit, but only receipts.


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