the receipt of the residence card, useless for the APL (financial housing assistance)

Extract from Récit de Alì • 30 years old • Man • Moroccan

Once i had found a room,i struggled a lot to ask for the APL (financial housing assistance). The first time i received the APL, I was paying the rent for about one year ! You can ask for the APL only if you have your residence card.

The receipts are not enough to ask for the APL : we must have the residence card. When finally you receive your residence card of one year, you discover that the validity period of this residence card don’t start when you receive it, but starting from the first receipt. That means, regarding the APL, the four first months, you lose them. Furthermore, it’s important to know that during the second or thir last months of validity of your card, you don’t have the tight to ask for the APL, because your residence card will soon expire. So, on the twelve months of validity  of your student visa, it turns out that you are in you right to claim the APL only for four or five months. Why ?

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