Minors at Centre de Rétention du Canet

Extract from Récit de Sekender • 30 years old • Man • Afghan

Radija and Esmat just joined us in Marseille. In Toulon, the police had stopped the train they were traveling on and asked them how many countries they had crossed and if they had been fingerprinted elsewhere. They said yes, so the police forced them to give their fingerprints and placed them in a detention center.

We were informed of this by a Nigerian man, who was also locked up, who let my brother borrow his phone. My brother was able to write to us through this man’s Facebook to tell us that he was in the deportation center in Marseille. I was happy to learn that he was alive but I said “Why are you in a deportation center!?!”. He was in Marseille at Bougainville. My brother, who is a minor, was placed in a deportation center even though he told them that he was a minor….they did not care..

Florence went to the Plateforme to say her sister and her brother-in-law were in the deportation center and the Asylum Platform made contact with them. They were allowed to leave the center.

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