Difficult conditions at UHU Madrague

Extract from Récit de Amadou Diallo • Man • Malien

An African guy I met at the train station told me I could call 115 on the third day. They came to pick me up and took me to UHU Madrague where I stayed for 4 months. It wasn’t good there.

From 7 o’clock in the morning you have to get out. It was very cold. I spent the days outside without knowing where to go, without having food. With my injury it was very hard because I have an open wound on my foot and the cold comes in. I used to go to the day care center, but there they don’t provide food.

I decided to leave UHU Madrague in August because a kind of war was going on there, people were fighting with knives. When you sleep, some madman would come hitting you, the doors of the rooms are always open and anyone can enter. There are 6 persons per room, all kinds of people.

I couldn’t stand this tense atmosphere anymore and I left. I called 115 again and they gave me 9 nights at Forbin. Later, I called back and they renewed once for 9 more nights and then they stopped, saying that there was no more room.

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