Temporary accommodation thanks to the medical certificate issued by the PASS

Extract from Récit de Snezana et Dzemail • Family • Serbe

We requested accommodation by showing the documents of the Doctor of the Rimbaud PASS (Dzemail had an important surgery in Serbia. It is followed by the hospital of La Timone.)

When we showed this medical certificate at the Prefecture they said to us: “We have nothing to do with it… You must go to the PADA… ».

We showed the certificate to the PADA, they made photocopies, gave them to us and kept the original to make the request.

We were able to have a hotel 15 days after showing the certificate.

First, we were given a hotel, but a few days after we changed hotels.

The owner told us we had to leave the hotel as it was not paid enough for the room we were occupying, it was earning more when it was a family with children… We stayed a month and a half in the 2 ° hotel.

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