Support of the ADJ Marceau, nights at Madrague

Extract from Récit d’Ibrahim • 25 years old • Man • Guinéen

I go to ADJ Marceau and they explain to me how to reach the addresses I am looking for. There is a very kind man there who helps me a lot. When I have problems and difficulties, I can go and see him. He told me to call 115.

I got 115, and stayed at La Madrague for 1 month, then once for 9 days. […] Sometimes you go there without being registered. When you get there, security calls you and if you are not registered, even if 115 told you to go there but you didn’t register… well, you sleep outside.

Sometimes there are empty rooms (at Madrague), sometimes there is one person in a room for 6 and the beds are empty while people are sleeping under this bridge, at the station. Some people just go there to eat but not to sleep and so beds stay empty .

Attention: ADJ Marceau has moved to 34 Boulevard Boues.

ADJ Consolat Day Shelter


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