Reduced care at the PADA

Extract from Récit d’Ali et Sarah • Family • Soudanais

After our meeting at the Plateforme Asile, we stayed in the streets, it was very cold… I said that we were in the streets and the man who works at the Plateforme took our telephone number to call us back for a solution for accommodation. We still haven’t heard news. I thought it would be normal for the staff of the Plateforme Asile to ask if I needed to eat or accomodation and all the private matters like health… but when I left the Plateforme I thought “Why did the staff not ask me these questions?”

Note of Observatoire Asile: Ali left the PADA with a meeting at GUDA after 54 days without any guidance to respond to his daily needs. The couple have not been guided to the social restaurant NOGA or any place to sleep.

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