Some problems at the Asylum Platform…

Extract from Récit de Omer • 30 years old • Man • Kurdish

At the Asylum Platform I felt the people there were fully invested in accompanying the applicants, but I also saw that that wouldn’t be possible because of the lack of means compared to the number of cases to be dealt with. An example: you can have your post sent there so that you can receive letters. I went to pick up my post at 8 am and I had to wait until 1 pm. I spent 5 hours in order to collect 2 letters! Five times longer than the time they devoted to listening to my story when they were preparing my asylum application. Moreover, the interpreter that was appointed to me was an Armenian woman who had clearly not been back to Turkey for some time and that is very serious in my opinion. I frequently had the impression that she didn’t understand what I was saying. Unfortunately, at the time I wasn’t compfortable in French and I didn’t have the money to pay an interpreter of my own (200€-300€).

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