Four and a half jobs… not enough for a residence permit!

Extract from Récit de Gabriela • 30 years old • Woman • Chilian

This year I worked part-time in a bookshop, l’Histoire de l’Oeil, for a fair-trade association (on a government subsidised contract) helping with setting up a project to sell books, and most recently I have started working at the Alcazar library replacing workers during their holidays. I also take care of a child whose parents have been very good to me and who wanted to give me a permanent contract. Lastly, I occasionally work in a restaurant, but I don’t have a contract. I have no end of work, but I haven’t presented my documents to the Prefecture yet as I’m afraid my application won’t be accepted because not all my jobs are linked to my studies and also because my total income doesn’t reach the required amount, that’s to say one and a half times the minimum wage.


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