OFII does not find any more CADA places…

Extract from Récit de Dawood • 30 years old • Man • Afghan

There I had an OFII interview which explained the ADA allowance to me and it works well for me. I asked if there was any possibility of finding a place to sleep, but they told me: “There is no place now”, and then the lady said “I am not responsible for finding a place to sleep, I don’t know, now there is no place, no room, no house, it’s all full… It’s up to you to find a solution to sleep”….

Today I am at La Madrague, I have written two letters to the OFII which I wanted to deposit there. I gave them to the gentleman in front of the door so he would give them to the person in charge. But I don’t get an answer, you can’t go into the OFII, they don’t talk… The man says he puts them in the “box” but then there is no answer, no appointment….

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