Subletting: a flexible solution for the first months

Extract from Récit de Thomas • 35 years old • Man • German

I hitchhiked to Marseille, my rucksack on my back. I couchsurfed for the first week. The person who put me up gave me some very good advice: he told me about rezoprospec. It’s an exchange network meant, in principle, for those working in the performing arts: you can share tools, information, offers of subletting… I quickily found a romm in the Belsunce area, and later on others in Rue Estelle and Rue Sénac. The rooms were cheap and enabled me to get to know different parts of the city centre quickly, […] because you soon understand that in Marseille the associative sector in general, but also students, militants, squatters, all gravitate around La Plaine, the Cours Julien, and the Notre Dame du Mont areas, and therefore I wanted to stay nearby.


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