The pitfalls when looking for accommodation

Extract from Récit de Naima • 35 years old • Woman • Algerian

So, I found another apartment at 650€, less expensive, with 5 rooms. I found it by chance, chatting with someone. My mother lived just below. I noticed the apartment was empty so I talked to the owner and offered to renovate it. It was still in Belsunce. It wasn’t habitable at all, it was awful, the walls were all broken… I renovated it entirely; my brothers helped me. The owner drew up a year-long rental agreement. She provided me with all the rent receipts, etc… but I didn’t know anything about those kind of things. At the end of the year, once I had renovated it all, she told me that I had to leave. And concerning the receipts she told me that they weren’t real ones since they didn’t have her signature on them… So, a bailiff came and told me that I had to leave the apartment, even though I was pregnant…

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