Employeurs don’t like residence permit application receipts

Extract from Récit de Sabrine • 35 years old • Woman • Egyptian

A few months later I receive the documents, but it’s just a provisional receipt for my application… a receipt is just great! Except that employers don’t want to hire you if you don’t have a full residence permit. That’s what happens to me: I find a good job in Paris, but it’s exactly at the same time as I’m waiting for the renewal of my application receipt.

I go to the Prefecture to explain my situation and they reply, “You are no different , you have to wait like all the others…” I insist: “You say that foreigners take advantage of the CAF, but when they get a chance of working you don’t help them.” My anger bears fruit: I immediately obtain a letter signed by the Prefecture certifying that I have the right to work in France and that was enough for me to get a job. It didn’t need much!

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