Le Jardin de Aures : food parcels, meetings and shared garden at Kalliste

Extract from Récit de Momo • 35 years old • Man • Comorien

In the meantime, I had the chance to discover the Jardin de Aures, during an out-trip of my nephew’s kindergarten class, which I accompanied. It is a garden where several associations collaborate: there is Accueil et Rencontre at the Jardin des Aures, there is a shared garden, the Restos du Coeur, and the latest arrival, the Bricabracs School.

As I liked the idea of gardening, I spoke to the animators and I put myself on the waiting list to have a plot. When there were some available, they called me and I started to come and grow my vegetables: tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, cucumbers…

The membership fee is 10 euros per year.

“Accueil et Rencontres aux Jardin des Aures” is an association organizing activities for the neighborhood: they go on visits, they show films, have a a cooking workshop, tutoring for the little ones, they collaborate with the “Restos du Coeurs”, who deliver food parcels on Monday afternoons in the same premises, and organize trips to the beach, to other social centers… It is exclusively for the inhabitants of the cities of Kalliste, la Granière and la Solidarité, especially for those who do not have documents or the means to obtain food.

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