Asylum application and studies

Extract from Récit de Omer • 30 years old • Man • Kurdish

The fact that I couldn’t go back to Diyarbakir also meant the end of of my university career. I only had two more exams to sit before finishing my course. I asked the Asylum Platform: could I finish my studies here? Would I have to wait for my asylum application to be accepted in order to return to my studies? They couldn’t help me, however, and nor could they suggest any other structures I could go to in order to see things more clearly.

Later, I went to the CIMADE (Comité inter mouvements auprès des évacués, a French NGO founded at the beginning of WWII to give assistance and support to people uprooted by war), and was advised to meet with the RUSF (Réseau université sans frontières, University Network Without Borders), which I did. They studied my case, explained my rights to me (apprently I don’t have to wait for a decision concerning my asylum application), and they put me in contact with a professor at the University of Aix-Marseille.

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