The Croix Rouge and Secours Catholique

Extract from Récit de Naima • 35 years old • Woman • Algerian

“When we first arrived in Marseille, in Belsunce, with Oussama, I had trouble getting milk, nappies. We got help from the Secours Catholique in the Belle de Mai area. it was really a lo. ng way to go with a baby… and then there was the Red Cross near Place Castellane. My social worker, really helpful, sent me over there. In fact, she gives you a piece of paper to go there.

When you go to the Secours Catholique they first give you an appointment. Then, when you go back, they help you. The appointments are either once a week or once a fortnight. It’s different at the Red Cross. They don’t use appointments. The very first day I went there they helped me by giving me nappies and milk.”

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