Being treated subjectively because of your identity (or the area you live in)

Extract from Récit de Marcello • 35 years old • Man • Italian

In human terms, and especially thanks to music, I can say that I have never really had any problems. Quite the opposite in fact. With regards to the bureaucracy, things have been harder. When I moved from Saint Barnabé to the Panier I noticed a change in the attitude of those who worked in public administrations (Family Allowance Fund, Social Security). It was as if those who work in the 2nd arrondissement are selected on the basis of their intolrance and racism. You are well received in Saint Barnabé. The employees are relaxed and polite, and they don’t let loose with remarks that have a bitter, LePenist aftertaste. As soon as you arrive in La Joliette you uncover a new world. What is certain is that you can’t afford to be demoralised by initial refusals. As I found out, you need to go back and try to avoid the more bitter employees.


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