Music and informal networks

Extract from Récit de Marcello • 35 years old • Man • Italian

As I said, when I arrived everything was simple thanks to my job and the apartment I was offered. In the long run, it’s mostly my French friends who have given me the best tips. The friend who cooks for the association, but also those that I got to know through my capoeira and samba activities. The fact that I have an activity like capoeira, of sharing an interest and common goals with others, immediately forges strong links on which I could count. It is not quite a “community”, but when I was in need I received important help from them. In addition, they are people who play music from another country and so inevitably they are more open, more curious, and more used to travelling than your average person, and therefore more receptiove when a friend who has just arrived needs information or a helping hand […] Another Italian and a Frenchman that I got to know playing samba helped me when I had nowhere to stay. They put me up for a time.

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