Dublin procedure: appeal against the transfer decision (within 48 hours)

Extract from Récit de Daniel • 40 years old • Man • Cameroonian

I don’t know how it’s going to be until April, and especially after that. I have spoken with friends who are also “dublinable” towards Italy, and who are at a more advanced stage in their procedures.

After 4 months, they received the transfer order to Italy, but they were also informed about the possibility of appealing against this decision within 48 hours. The appeal is made to the Court of First Instance in Marseille and must relate to the reasons why the person objects to the return to Italy. If the appeal is accepted, the Dublin procedure is cancelled, you are granted a stay of 9 months, during which you can apply for asylum in France.

This is what happened with a Guinean boyfriend, who went directly to the Tribunal on the Puget court on the day he received the deportation order to Italy. He looked for a lawyer, found one who would take care of his case, and did it for free.

Two days later, they went to court. The lawyer just made an appearance : it was my friend, who fortunately speaks very good French, who explained his situation and the reasons why he was against this measure.

Things went well for him, the President of the Tribunal accepted his appeal and gave him a recommendation to return to the Prefecture and extend his right of residence.

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