Dublin: 15 days of observation

Extract from Récit de Amadou Diallo • Man • Malien

The day at the PADA when they explained the Dublin Regulation to me, I said that I was sick. The person at PADA called Timone to confirm that I was sick. The woman at PADA told me that I shouldn’t be processed under the Dublin Regulation because of my illness but I didn’t know. They made a case file for CMU.

The Préfecture had told me to return before 15 days to give them the paper with the reasons that I could not go to Italy. They told me to go to the PADA to take the next step but, at PADA, they gave me a meeting after the meeting at the Préfecture. So I went to the Cimade, where they helped me write my observations of the Dublin process… but I did not file them in time.

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