What cover with a European Health Insurance Card?

Extract from Récit de July • 25 years old • Woman • Pakistani

I went to the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie, Health Insurance Office) to apply for cover twice. The first time I presented my European Health Insurance Card I received in Italy. The second time I tried to get cover by saying that I had no financial ressources so that I could at least have access to the CMU (Couverture maladie universelle, Universal Health Insurance) normally open to everyone. The first time they told me that I could not receive a French Carte Vitale (Health Insurance Card) since I already had an Italian one. The problem is that the Italian card is not accepted anywhere and you end up paying each time. And the information they give you regarding reimbursement is not clear… you don’t even know if it’s the French or the Italian health insurance that reimburses you. They just gave me forms to fill out to be reimbursed, but no other information.

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