Paid language lessons

Extract from Récit de Tiziano • 25 years old • Man • Italian

In the meantime, I had already started going to Casa Consolat. That is where I was advised to contact the Local Mission on the Avenue de Toulon because I was still under 26 years old (that was the age limit above which you could not access the services they offer. I believe that limit has now been raised to 30 years old). You could get various kinds of training there: in my case, I was interviewed by a lady who offered to enrol me for French lessons for which I would be paid. The interview was meant to help me find a way forward rather than as a selection process. That is how I understood it anyway. They asked me to provide basic documentation, an identity card, and I was enrolled in a language school where I sat a test to evaluate my proficiency. I had seven hours of lessons a day and I was paid according to the number of hours I attended. I was the oldest in the class, the others were around 18 years old. They were mainly North Africans (Algerians, Tunisians), but there was also a German girl. When I was able to be present every day I would make about 350€ per month. That wasn’t a bad amount considering I was unemployed. From what I have heard, the pay is even higher now, it can go up to 600€ per month.

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