CADE, legal support for the residence permit

Extract from Récit de César • 30 years old • Man • Venezuelian

When we were in Marseille for the first time, I went to an association called CADE, it is a help centre for foreigners. It is near La Canebière and the cours Lieutaud, just next to a bookshop [8, Boulevard Dugommier, 13001 Marseille]. First, you have to go to take an appointment. It opens at 9:00 in the morning, they give numbers, 20 numbers a day I think. The number is used to have an appointment afterwards.

The appointment is scheduled 15 days later. When you arrive on the day of the appointment, you announce yourself at the reception desk. It doesn’t take much time. They are very kind, they gave me a lot of information. They told me what I needed in order to register, they helped me to make the files, all the documents I needed to apply for the residence permit with the marriage.

This association is made up of lawyers who help you with any situation when you are a foreigner; to get your residence permit and have a legal situation.

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