Asylum: Rendez-Vous Médicaux [service to help French patients find doctors/medical specialists] to Guichet Unique pour Demandeur d’Asile [Asylum Office] in advance for medical reasons

Extract from Récit de Koda • 25 years old • Man • Ivoirien

When I arrived in Marseille, I spent my first days at the station. I had been admitted to the center first in September 2017 and they gave me an appointment for the Asylum Office at the end of October (50 days later). I told the center that I didn’t have housing, but they didn’t call 115 [the emergency housing helpline], I called myself but they didn’t pick up. I stayed in the street for several weeks.

I went to Hospital Timone, they gave me an elbow x-ray and a scan. The doctor told me that they could not operate without healthcare coverage, otherwise I would have to pay the bill…

The doctor at the hospital called 115 [the emergency housing helpline] so that I would be housed and then they sent me to Fourbin.

With a medical certificate from the doctor, I returned to the Asylum Office to ask to reschedule my appointment and it worked. I insisted with someone else’s aid who was waiting at the Asylum Office and knew the procedure. I was able to file my asylum application that day instead of in October.

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