A place in CADA far from Marseille and the children’s school

Extract from Récit de Raba • 40 years old • Man • Algerian

I am with my family. I have three children aged 10 to 16. We applied for asylum in March at GUDA. I stayed in the streets for one month with my family after the meeting with the Plateforme. After they gave me a paper for one month then a paper for 9 months. We were at the hotel. Our children go to school. And after six months they offered us housing 4 or 5 hours from Marseille. I said that it wasn’t possible, that my children go to school. I showed the schooling papers, all the justifications to not go there. And then they stopped everything, no more money or anything else. We were in the streets again. I tried to resolve the problem twice with a jurist, I said that I hadn’t signed a refusal, that I had just asked to not go far away because my children are in school. The social assistance found us a home near Canebiere, but it’s not asylum. It’s the 115. Because they say that I refused a CADA but I didn’t sign anything. 

I went to Rond Point du Prado (OFII) several times but they don’t receive you and they say that you have to call, but they don’t answer the phone!

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